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garage door sensor repair

Most garage door owners use the sensors and install them on the garage doors for ease of operation. It ensures safety and security during garage door operation. But the malfunctioning of the sensors can cause serious discomfort to the property owners. The sensors can malfunction on account of dirt accumulation in the sensor eyes, breakage of sensor eyes, wiring problems, wear and tear, garage door motor or opener problems etc. It is however, extremely difficult to assess the actual problem causing malfunctioning of the garage door without having the required training and expertise. This is where the team of experts from our Garage Door Repair Company in Lakewood would be helpful.

A broken or damaged garage door sensor can be extremely discomforting for the garage door operation. It will render the garage door stuck in between while opening or closing process, drop down with a bang after opening etc. The user would have to go through lot of trouble holding the wall button to close or open the garage door. The technicians from our company can fix the problem with great ease and bring back the sensors to normal functioning for smooth operation.